Detachable cap jewelry 

snap armor

revoazin is a compound word of revolutionary + azin that gives the meaning of a revolutionary who runs steadily toward new things without losing first. Through endless challenges, we will become a brand that can show new designs and products to the world.

revoazin was born for the first time in Korea and abroad, creating a newly coined word called cap jewelry and developing a snap armor, taking a step toward becoming a representative cap jewelry brand in Korea.

Launched with competitiveness by securing intellectual property rights related to Snap Armor, including domestic patent registration, design rights registration in 5 countries (Korea, USA, Japan, China, EU), PCT patent application, and US patent application.

With the pride of being the first cap jewelry brand in Korea and abroad, we aim to grow into a leading fashion brand in Korea. please watch the unique behavior of revoazin.

ㅡ THE Art of Snaparmor Luxury


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